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Want to take your app global without the wait? With Localesy, adding new languages is a breeze. Reach more people faster, without any delays!

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Know that feeling?

Translations management gives you a headache. Copy-pasting, reviewing, filling all empty translations. It feels like an unwanted chore that you always have to push through...
Generated translations feel and sound robotic, so you often must pick professional services, which are costly, require additional effort and push your deadlines even further...
Your team finds even the top tools hard to use. Localizing means extra work, annoyance and slower pace of development, so they often leave out the language part to meet deadlines...
We felt it many times and we said no more. πŸ™…

Meet Localesy,
the smart localization platform 🧠

Designed to help you manage translations effortlessly for all kinds of applications. Just plug and play.


Check our coolest features ✨

Simple, smart, effective. Built to enhance your workflow without getting in the way.

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Rapid feature development
Shipping stuff quickly? Don't let tedious localization slow you down. We help you maintain your pace.
Expanding to Multiple Languages
Ready to grow your app's reach?Β Generate multiple languages in just minutes. Take your platform worldwide within the same day.
πŸ› οΈ
Developer-First Translation
Have a big dev team? Developers no longer wait for translations. Changes merge smoothly, making localization invisible.
Power to the Translators
Employing external translators? Our translation edit view supercharges their efficiency. Save time, effort, and money.
One-Stop Translation Sync
Need synced translations across platforms? Localesy acts as your central hub, ensuring consistency everywhere.
Performant Translation Bundling
Large projects? Localesy supports them all. Manage globally, then ship only what's essential. No more bloated apps.

Ready to give it a try?

Join our waitlist and see if Localesy suits your needs. We're looking for early-adopters who are willing to give us feedbackΒ andΒ shape the platform with us.

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